There are abundant ways of making interactivity on the web. We can make animations using all of the ways a person interacts with the page. Various interactions include scrolling, touching, voice recognition, mouse movement, keyboard events, combined with visual and sound feedback.

Visit this page to see an example of modifying web elements by controlling values by which the web elements get mutated. The inputs for these values could also be actions from a user interaction on the web page.

The dynamic animation on the page is also an example of how elements can be dynamically rendered, creating different visual feedback and observational attention.

Below is a video clip showing the animation in action.


This interactive dynamic animation is created using HTMLSVGCSS and Javascript. It works on every device with a web browser because the elements are fundamentally regular web elements that make up a web page. The possibilities are abundant.

This animation is controllable by sliders and some buttons. The first three buttons choose time of day (daylight, sunset, night); Fourth button adds music for enhancing emotional inclusion; Three purple buttons on the first row are controlling the speed of the transition of colors. Next up are sliders.

The sliders control, from top to bottom: daylightseasonwind speedcloudinessprecipitation. The sliders are also interconnected. For example: precipitation amount depends on cloudiness. Also the speed of the wind affects direction of precipitation and leaves and the amount of leaves. The amount of leaves is also affected by season slider. The season slider also can change between rain and snow.

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